Dance tuition for the season (SEPT-JUNE) is divided equally into 10 monthly payments. (Regardless of how many weeks are in each month). For your convenience, tuition can be paid in a few different ways. You may make 10 monthly payments --due on the first class of every month, or choose to pay by semester (2 easy payments, Sept & once in Feb). Save 10% each semester! Or take the multi-class discount, and pay by semester for convenience. (no additional semester discounts on the multi-class discount).

First Semester Payment Plan: Due by Sept. 15 (covers Sept. - Jan)
Second Semester Payment Plan: Due by Feb. 9 (covers Feb. - June)

*2019-2020 prices:
Toddler Gym classes            $48/mo.    --    Semester Price: $216
All 50 min-1 Hr. classes       $55/mo.    --    Semester Price: $248

Fitness, Yoga, Acro Classes  --    $15 per class, or monthly fee     (No recital)


Multi-Class Discounts PER FAMILY: No Semester Discount on already Multi-Class discounts
1 class:       $55/mo.
2 classes:   $95/mo.
3 classes:  $135/mo.
4 classes:  $155/mo.     ~Add $35/mo. more for each additional class by family member.

Ultimate Discount: Take unlimited classes for one monthly price: $170 per month regardless of how many classes *PER STUDENT. (no semester discount)

To receive full discounts, all payments must be made by the above dates. Discounts will be forfeited if tuition is not paid by due dates. Habitually late payments are subject to a $10 late fee if not received by the first week of each month. Payments made by Semester will avoid this charge. There is a $25.00 fee for all checks returned by the bank.  Only cash is accepted for payment past due dates.

Studio Guidelines

Class Placement
Students are placed at the appropriate levels in each subject based on a combination of age, previous dance training, and their demonstrated skill. Changes may be suggested after classes begin to assure that each student receives the best possible learning experience.

Regular attendance is expected for all students. Attendance is taken at the beginning of each class. No refunds or discounts given for missed classes or vacations. Payment is due at the beginning of each month (or semester if paying by the semester) regardless of how many classes you are able to attend that month.

Snow Cancellations
If there is no school or an early dismissal due to inclement weather in the Lowell Public Schools, there will usually, not be dance classes. If there is a delay, due to inclement weather, there will not be any morning classes. In the event of a Saturday snowstorm please call the studio answering machine 1 hour prior to scheduled dance class. If you are unsure at any time, please call the studio answering machine at (978) 458-5502. No refunds will be given.

Dance Attire and Hair
Although it is easier to correct and form a dancer's body in proper dance attire, there is no strict dress code. We recommend students to wear appropriate dance clothes they choose. Any color & style leorard and tights are recommended for all classes other than HipHop. No jewelry, gum, or sweetened drinks--only water will be allowed in the studios. Hair should always be neatly pulled back.

Company students
BALLET: Any style BLACK leotard, tan tights. Fitted tank-tops, black jazz pants, or shorts, and ballet skirts are allowed in other company classes with proper required dance shoes. Hair should always be pulled neatly off face. Students interested in joining our team can try-out at our auditions held in August. (contact director)

Male students
Any appropriate attire. Please carry in separate shoes or sneakers for dancing. No street shoes are allowed in the studio.

Specific brand or style will be told at time of registration, and used throughout the season and for recital. Shoes can be purchased at the dance studio for much less and for convenience before the start of the dance season. Students can be fitted at specific times during registration dates before the dance season begins.

Liablility Disclaimer
Planet Dance and the instructors are not liable for personal injuries or loss or damage to personal properties. Each student may decline to participate in any activity. Please inform your instructor of any physical limitations, which may prevent full participation in class.