The Following Classes run Sept - June ...unless otherwise noted.
TUITION is based on a monthly rate. All classes are 50 min - 1 hour long.  Multi-class discounts offered.

Toddler Gym (45 min) Ages 2-4
Children learn the love of dance through creative movement, dance, and ballet foundation. Rhythm and listening skills of tap dancing is introduced, and performed. $48 per mo.

Combination Classes are offered for Ages 4 through 9
Younger students can learn two different styles of dance (in one class) throughout the year. Only one style will be performed in the year-end recital in most classes. $55 per mo.

Combo classes are offered in combinations with jazz, ballet, tap, hiphop, and acro (tumbling)**(Please note that at a young age, HipHop and Jazz are very similar)

CheerDance & DanceAcro Classes --
Hip Hop and/or Jazz choreography focusing on fast, sharp movements using the latest dance styles. Stretching, flexibility, jumps, and tumbling on floor or our mats are combined. This is a great class for the student insterested in cheerleading, gymnastics and dance. $55 per mo.

Hip Hop --
Fast and energetic. Choreography is sharp and strong focusing on isolations and the latest hip hop dance styles to today's popular songs. $55 per mo

Tap --
Emphasis on tap technique, and clarity of rhythm and sound. Center floor combinations and progression work as well. $55 per mo.

Jazz --
Various styles of jazz, technique, progressions, isolations, leaps, turns and center floor combinations to a variety of music selections. Usually upbeat, rhythmic music. $55 per mo.

Ballet/Lyrical --
A solid foundation is formed through barre exercises and emphasis on technique. Center floor combinations, lyrical combinations, as well as, across the floor progressions. $55 per mo.

Contemporary --
Fluid and dramatic, modern dance choreography. This style is a cross between Jazz and Lyrical. Technique and progression work included with center floor choreography. Previous ballet is recommended. $55 per mo.

Musical Theater--
Combines dance moves with acting and/or lip syncing to songs from popular TV shows and musicals. The choreography is always inspired by the theme and the lyrics often tell a story. A fun, upbeat dance class. No previous dance experience required. $55 per mo.

Stretching, flexibility, jumps, and tumbling on our professional air pro tumble track. This is a great class for the student insterested in both gymnastics and technique. $55 per mo.


B-Boy Hip Hop --
Hip Hop - cardiovascular warm-up & stretch, with up-to-date breakdancing and free-style choreography, strong dance movements and tricks are practiced on a mat. Very energetic and team building! $55 per mo.

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Drop-In rates available for $12 per class, or pay $25 per month. No recital.


Fitness classes:

All fitness levels welcome for teens & adults looking for a challenge.

Fitness HH:  Cardiovascular, fun HipHop dance warm-up and choreography, flexibility, and stregnth work are included.

YOGA:  A guided mixed level therapuetic yoga flow for all levels.  Whether you have any past experience or not, you should give it a try! :)